Story of KUDEN

Brand mission

Connect lack of successors for Japanese traditional technique craftsman and employment of the handicapped
to solve by Design

For the first step of these mission,
We start the online store because we would like you foreigner to know Japanese great items.


Concept of KUDEN

・ Reuse, Not disposable
・ Made by Japanese craftsman or great technique



About us

The Company name Gerbera Design.KUDEN is the brand that Gerbera design plan and manage.

Gerbera Design(

Takahiro Sato / Owner

Kiwadajima 1527-1 Nikkou city, Tochigi 321-2345, Japan

*Not for shop.Only office.

3-15-23-101 Kichijoji Higashicho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-0002, Japan

secondhand dealer number: No.308921706053
**This is issued by Japanese government. *Last Edited on 2017-07-26



Thoughts and feelings and what aim of representative

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●TOKYOU SHIMBUN (news paper)

Our work style on front page of morning edition (


●Mr.Tsunemi, a writer and appear on NHK TV and more, introduce us on his book about work style.

「なぜ、残業はなくならないのか」祥伝社 (2017/4/1)


●Our KUMIKO LaptopBoard on TECHABLE, fabcross, GetNews and more.


・KUMIKO Laptop Board -Japanese traditional tech-(indiegogo)






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