Total fashion : outfit with items

Like a traditional kimono and KUDEN clothes, joy of fashion with accessory

Thinking original style with many items is a joy of traditional kimono.

This time, we introduce our accessories that good style with both your clothes and Kimono&haori.

Traditional charm to guard and bless

In your pocket

Hand mirror - Nikko-biri Te-kagami

Tradition in Japan has it that mirror has a power to exorcise evil spirits from a person.Pregnant woman carry hand mirror in her obsterical binder, it protect her and her upcoming baby from evil.It’s one of the traditional customs in Japan.

There are 2 designs. The motif of "Sakura" is "花鳥風月" which is Japanese traditional word showing beauties of nature. "Uguisu" is collaboration design with Nikko-bori artisan.

You can take it in pocket or porch so useful to fix your appearance.

The artisan who inherit the traditional technique in Nikko make one by one to your precious person. Also you can order to add initial so highly recommend for gift.

This is Order made product

The return to roots of the bag

Make "書生" Shosei style

Multi Shoulder Bag "雑嚢"

雑嚢 is the shoulder bag used around end of Meiji period to Taisho period (about 1912) and also at that time, people wore both kimono and western style clothes as usual outfit.

These days, the bag has many function with partition and also there are many specific to some way like camera bag. But we deliberately remove the specification to be suitable for any situation and fashion style.

Shosei is the student staying at home someone they know and study a lot in Meiji - Taisho period (about 1868 - 1926)They wore uniform and kimono, carried their stuff in shoulder bag.

This bag is designed with being good both with Samurai Mode series and other usual fashion style in mind.

Use more, make it fit you more

Made of thick cotton canvas

Mini tote bag

Useful in many scene in your daily life, like lunch and quick outing. You can feel material texture that is made in famous place about Japanese canvas growing area.

In Edo era, Japanese like and often used item made by this canvas. So it’s great fit with both European clothes and kimono.

Which item you like?

Japanese artisan make one by one, for all items.

These days, mass-produce becomes main stream but we hope you feel their craftsmanship through these item, made by them with heart and time.