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Hello, I'm Sena from Translate team.

In this article series #LearnJapanese , we introduce the Japanese through KUDEN original works "KUDEN 口伝 - Samurai Sword Jam -".

Designer Tak now write the story also as novelist and we publish them both in Japanese and English.

Each episode pair up with same number of them.

You can read same story in both language.


日本語 / Japanese

鉄屑屋の男 その1




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英語 / English

Iron Scraper 01

The one‐eyed man pulls his old handcart at junk yard.

Wipe sweat away, identifies if it's fake or original.

It seems that that’s is not what he expects , throw away the junk with sigh.

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We write about...
  • meaning of Japanese
  • grammer
  • Special word about Japan culture
We pick up the theme in each episode.

Read the novel first, check this series next, you can enjoy & study together!
If you have question or what you want to know, send your request via contact page or SNS with #KUDENSSJ and tag us!
We're welcome to hear from you! ( but sorry we can not answer all the question )

Hope you're looking forward to our contents.

See you next!

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