Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-
Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-

Samurai Mode Pants II -Standard model-

Size chart

Size Chart

*Unisex Design

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Samurai Mode Pants II size chart

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Material Face side: 70% triacetate, 30% polyester
Inner side:Lining: 100% cupra
Care - Recommended the dry cleaner.

- Use filter cloth.
The place of production Made in Japan

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Redesign traditional Hakama to fit the modern lifestyle

Samurai Mode Pants II is inspired by Hakama, one of traditional Japanese wear like kimono. Supple and comfortable 2 way pants.

You can change the hem line and take up by pulling drawstrings. Drawstring is made by same fabric with pants. Pull the hem, that stiletto is like a sarouel pants.

Updated from last version

Adjuster to change the size of waist according to your body and outfit style

3 button to adjust and change the size on the waist. According to your body and style, you can change the size on the waist and it means you can change where you wear on, change the length. Depends on your favor, you can select them. 

3 pieces kimono style of Japanese - 和 - Mode

Samurai Mode Series is our Next kimono by 3 pieces kimono style without special technique to wear.
This is the clothes for people who loves kimono.

Winner of A’Design Award 2022 that one of the most biggest international design competition in social category from Italy.

→Detail more

High-functioning fiber makes comfortable, used for high class black formal wear

Triacetate is the semisynthetic fiber that not use the petroleum-derived fiber, it’s from paper pulp.

By this fabric, we realize both high design and  comfortable to wear, even  for consideration for natural environment. Water absorbency, cool contact and quick dryness so it's also comfortable in hot weather.

Also for Ivory, we use the fabric to be not easy to translucent.

Koshi-ita parts motifed by Hakama

Take in Koshiita parts in this pants as a design accent and proud of traditional Hakama. It's made by soft fabric, same as main one, so comfortable to wear and not hurt yourself.


Traditional Hakama doesn't have a pocket but we add a pocket to this pants to fit the modern life style.

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