Samurai Mode Series Daily outfits MANGA #1

Samurai outfits MANGA

We think it’s ethical to consider and select fair trade products considered working environment, organic and eco material that friendly to people and environment.
But to keep using already on market or you have with thanks to environment and producer is also important ethical approach for KUDEN.
If it will be a trigger to enjoy ethical fashion that use clothes, item and accessory that already you have, you make us so happy.( I and staff Asami take turns drawing MANGA)

illustration by Tak & Asami

Samurai Mode Jacket & Jersey OOTD Style

1.Samurai Mode Jacket & Jersey OOTD Style

My morning starts at 4:30 AM, take a shower and make coffee.
Change into jogging suits, do stretch and meditation, do most important work first in a morning.
In Japan, still a little cold morning, I wear Samurai Mode Jacket on jogging suit.
Both jogging suit and Jacket are easy to be moved, I often wear this style when I don’t have meeting.

Samurai Mode Jacket & Jersey OOTD Style

2.Poncho coat & Samurai Mode Jacket Style

What I like most of kimono outfits is layered style.
This is layered style by Samurai Mode Jacket and women’s Poncho Coat.
It’s one of my favorite style : it’s for cold protection, layer by different material is fun to watch, and also dynamic style.
Samurai Mode Jacket goes well with stand collar too.

Samurai Mode Jacket & Jersey OOTD Style

3.Shop coat & Samurai Mode Jacket “Atelier” Style

I often wear shop coat when I use sewing machine, design, make sample of new product for structure test in Atelier.
When it’s getting colder or break time, grab and wear Jacket on it.
These days, my hair has grown so I tie back as Samurai’s Sohatsu style (wearing hair knotted in back. This hair style started in the old ages but came into common use at the Edo period.) I recommend it because it doesn’t hinder my work.

Samurai Mode Jacket & Jersey OOTD Style

4.Samurai Photographer Style

Style when I take photos for meeting or day trip.
・Everyday backpack by Peak Design
・Sony α7II (Camera)
・Sony FE135mm F1.8 GM. (Camera lens, case by case
・TECH poach & Camera Back Small by Peak Design
・iPad pro 11 inch + Think Pad Bluetooth keyboard + Apple Pencil
・Sony Headphone WH-1000XM3
These are my standard what carry around.

Samurai Mode Jacket & Jersey OOTD Style

5. Long Cardigan & Samurai Mode Jacket Spring Layered Style

Style for still a little cold but getting warm to spring. Samurai Mode Jacket Ivory is recommended for spring. There is a very few beautiful Ivory vintage kimono and haori. If there is, almost it has too many stains and dirt to wear. I think what we can wear this Ivory is Samurai Mode Jacket specific. If wear with Samurai Mode Shirt, it looks like I wear kimono in upper body. My favorite point.

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If you have outfit idea, let us know yours! If you would, we’ll share your idea or draw your outfits as MANGA!

Items in MANGA

Samurai Mode Jacket - Custom model
Samurai Mode Jacket - Custom model -

Samurai Mode Jacket
Samurai Mode Jacket - Standard model -

Samurai Mode Jacket
Samurai Mode Shirt -White-