[new product] Samurai Mode Multi Shoulder Bag “雑嚢”

[new product] Samurai Mode Multi Shoulder Bag “雑嚢” - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

From today, We KUDEN start to sell our new product Samurai Mode Multi Shoulder Bag “雑嚢” .

The Multi Shoulder Bag “雑嚢” is made of the special coated canvas that used for high-class bag lavishly.

These days, the feature-rich bag and the bag had speciality for something, e.g. camera, are popular in market. But we cut the function to the utmost limit and make it simplest to be suitable for any situation and fashion style.

The idea of design is modern “雑嚢”(Zatsunou).
雑嚢 is the shoulder bag used around end of Meiji period to Taisho period (about 1912) and also at that time, people wore both kimono and western style clothes as usual outfit.
This bag is designed with being good both with Samurai Mode series and other usual fashion style in mind.

**Each bag is made by artisan’s hand, not a machine, so there is a number limited for production. If you want, recommend to order as soon as possible when there is a stock.

Samurai Mode Multi Shoulder Bag “雑嚢”
Price:22,000 JPY + tax
Color:Black, White

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