For a reason, change to special price

For a reason, change to special price - KUDEN by TAKAHIRO SATO

Thank you for your continued use and support KUDEN.

This time, KUDEN changes price for some product as special with some reason.


<Subjected product>

Samurai Mode Jacket : JPY44,000+tax→JPY34,000(standard model)+tax

Samurai Mode Pants  :(Undisclosed price)→JPY33,000+tax


As KUDEN says always, we don’t sale with no reason.

So what’s the reason for this special price.

Because “for now, we want many people in the world to know Samurai Mode”.


Our normal cost rate is 40~50% but now it’s 61% for Jacket and 65% for Pants.

We never cut sewing cost and any other product cost.

By cutting KUDEN’s profit ( usually for our design fee, running fee e.t.c.), we make price down this time.

>>More detail for price of Samurai Mode Jacket

>>More detail for price of Samurai Mode Pants




Want a lot of people to know Samurai Mode, attraction of Japanese culture kimono.
That’s how we make works for sewing company.
Also really hope to come true KUDEN's mission "To connect artisan and employment for disable people by design. "


With those reason and feeling, we change our price this time.


We would be happy if you agree with our feelings and support KUDEN and factory by getting Samurai Mode, wearing and enjoy, show to your friends.



Samurai Mode Jacket - Custom model-



Samurai Mode Pants